Comic Relief, Red Nose Day 2024

Fundraising for Comic Relief

Comic Relief run a campaign each year called Red Nose Day. This year we helped fund raise for their 2024 campaign. Through Anglo Doorstep Collections customers donations in just 3 weeks and all their amazing support we were able to raise an incredible amount. This was running between February and March 2024.

Red Nose Day 2024

Red Nose Day is a fundraising event run by Comic Relief. This year Red Nose Day was on 15th March. They are a UK Charity which aims to create a just world free from poverty. The money raised is ussed to transform lives in the UK and around the world. 

We Raised. . .

We managed to raise an incredible £500.00 for Comic Relief Red Nose Day 2024 campaign. We managed to do this in just 3 weeks of fundraising. 

Thank you to every single customer who booked a collection through February and March 2024 and supported Red Nose Day. 

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