Anglo Doorstep Collection

Effortless Giving

Anglo Doorstep Collections. Effortless Giving

At Anglo Doorstep Collections we help people all around the UK to effortlessly declutter their homes, by collecting their unwanted clothes and household items straight from their doorsteps. 

We then donate the proceeds to charity.

It’s easy. All they need to do is book a free collection, pack up their unwanted clothes and household items and we collect directly from their doorstep. They don’t even need to be at home. 

We call this Effortless Giving.

Every week, we:

  • Recycle or rehome hundreds of tonnes of household goods and clothes
  • Collect from 3,500 households who have booked our service, no cold calling
  • Cover 80% of all UK postcodes
  • Donate thousands of pounds to charities

Find out more about Anglo Doorstep Collections by visiting our website.

Call us on 0800 037 1938