Second Chance 

Second Chance is at the forefront of caring for children who need special help. They may have been abused, come from a poverty stricken background or have learning difficulties, sometimes all three! For 34 years we have worked in an innovative and original way; using angling to hang our educational, social and personal welfare work on. Not always the most politically correct, we believe in setting clear guidelines and directions for our young people. Working with whoever is referred to us, regardless of colour or gender, has meant that some more politically correct bodies such as The National Lottery or The Government have often ignored us. This Charity is not all about numbers. It is about individuals and we would do it all just for one child. We live in worrying times but I believe in Second Chance we have some of the answers. 

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Raised from the GU postcode area on 31st July 2020

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Raised from the PO postcode area on 30th July 2020

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Raised from the GU postcode area on 22nd July 2020.